Hi, I'm Vicky.

A full-stack web developer based in California, USA. I'm passionate about growing through hands-on challenges and new ventures. I strive to build efficient and meaningful applications while providing memorable user experiences.

While I'm not busy coding, you can find me taking food and landscape photography, traveling, and pouring latte art.



amazon clone application

Amazon Clone

A clone of the Amazon e-commerce website created using React. Includes account authentication, cart functionality, and checkout payment process via Stripe.

  • JavaScript | React | Redux | Node.js | Context API | Material UI | Stripe | Firebase | Axios
amazon clone application


Spotifier enables users to browse, visualize, and save audio features of over 116k Spotify songs. Search for your favorite song and Spotifier will recommend you ten similar songs via the searched song's audio properties.

  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React | Redux | Java | Spring/Maven | Jupyter Notebook